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Have my wife and Kid all in ID now and have been lurking on the Boise ride thread for some time now.

As my wife, and daughter ride and/or ride with me its time to start getting to know people and trail rides.

As things are a little crazy around the house and we have a family reunion on the weekend fallowing the 4th I am not sure when we can ride next but figured it would be good to post so I can get ideas about a day trip out to someplace fun and/or maybe someone who would be willing to ride a slow pace with a wife and Kid along for the ride.

Now...the back story:
So I started riding when I was 11 and by 12 had my first trail bike with 4 speed 80 clutch and all. My wife road a dirt bike a little as a kid but didn't really start riding tell about 7 years ago when we got her a street bike. The kid started when she was 9 on a mini bike auto clutch 70CC 4 speed.

Now... and our bikes:
For the past year and a half my wife and I have been getting into dual sporting and over the last 6 months trials bikes. Our daughter loves to ride on the back of my dual sport even in light single track (beginner level single track only).

I have a G650X Challenge, and wife has a CRF230L for the dual sports. Trials bikes: Mine is a Montesa 4RT, the wife has a Gas Gas TXT Pro 125, and our daughter has a Beta Rev 80.

We are loving all of the rides, I will have our bikes all changed over to ID in the coming weeks, and would love to know more about places to ride with my daughter at the beginner level and the wife at early novice. :)

Thanks in advance.
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