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Originally Posted by catundaseskin View Post
Hi there, was wondering . Did you have to modify the tank to fit , if so in what way.
Hi, I just had to cut the original bracket, It was pretty easy, 5 minutes and a dremel.

About the fenders...
Here in Italy it's pretty hard to find cheap good parts, everytime i read what you guys usually pay for parts back in US it makes me wanna move there
Initially I wanted something custom made but I asked around and the price was crazy: 2000 E
So i bought these 2 for 180E online, the front one is stainless, the rear one is Alu.
I know it isn't usual to have fenders in 2 different metals but I'm 22, student/broke so I had to improvise

Dunno if you're interest but 2day i finished the logo:

I love it

Tomorrow I'm gonna order a couple of pvc stickers ( one on the headlight, the other one on the helmet)
and i was also thinking about ordering a patch for my leather jacket

Hope you guys had a great weekend, I spent mine studying dermathology
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