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Originally Posted by bymbie View Post
Why did you contract out sheetrock taping? I thought it's relatively painless... at least it was last time I did it. I'm about to finish the drywall in the shed... just have to entice my electrician buddy to come over and do some wiring before. Than off to do the floor.

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I wanted the finished walls to look good... I was not certain that I could do that good of a job and I did not want to put myself under that pressure. The job was fairly cheap by comparison to my trying it and really having the job suck...

It is also the same reason I hate to do body work, I would rather build three engines than push sandpaper on one tank. I like to support the local economy.

Now, see, you can do the electrical and not have to wait on that Buddy. Unless that is not allowed by code in your area.
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