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Originally Posted by TheReaper! View Post
A Helix & a transalp , now there's an odd couple if I've ever seen one .

I also have a V-Strom 650 fully kitted. I actually prefer riding a scooter because of the step-through because I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. I know, sucks to be me but I am still riding (52 years). I enjoy it as much today as I did at 11 when my uncle let me ride his Vespa. It is part of who I am. I have owned a bunch of scooters over the years. Seems as if I have more fun on them than I do on my motorcycles. I still have a old 1980 Honda Express NC50 that I put a 70cc jug on out in my shop. Get it out on occasion and ride it around the neighborhood. Don't take it further as it gets kind of scary at 40mph on the main roads. That speed is way beyond what it was designed to do and the frame flex is amazing. The brakes aren't too good either, drum brakes all around and Honda cut a lot of corners making that bike as cheap as they could but I do love that bike too. Makes me grin when riding it.
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