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Originally Posted by Cat0020 View Post
Yet if you never take the risk, how can you claim that it is unsafe for all?
Yes, indeed.

How do you know what would happen if you jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge...unless you did it?

How would you know what would happen if you tried to run your scoot on diesel fuel...unless you tried it?

How would you know what would happen if you went down on the road without ATGATT...unless you tried it?

How would you know you weren't a really-better rider...after you drank a fifth of Jack?

How does anyone know ANYTHING?

And...if it's unsafe for some on-road riders, it's unsafe for all. Because we all have to deal with the same traffic; the same roads; the same conditions.

If a sharp turn is going to put me on the edge of the tire; and have that edge roll, deform the tire, and/or skid from the teeny-tiny contact's going to do it for you as well.

You may never plan that sudden swerve. But when some idiot runs a stop sign with a trailer...and you can't stop...all you can do is steer around him...AND YOU CANNOT because you wanted to save a few bucks...that's when your scooter becomes one with his drawbar, your jewels one with the handlebar, and you become a grease spot on the far side of the pavement.

Because you "never needed" that ability. Like I needed it...yup, it happened to me.
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