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Originally Posted by jules083 View Post
How do you like it compared to the FJR? Is it as good of a passenger carrying bike?

Seems like every time I pull my FJR into a campsite or something I'm ready to sell it for something lighter, but every time I get on the road again I decide to keep it. I change my mind daily sometimes about it. Great bike though, can't complain too much.
I'm the same way. The DL1000 brakes aren't on the same level with the FJR or FZ1 brakes. The DL1000 is definitely lighter than the FJR, but not so light that it blows me around like my previous 1st gen FZ1 in crosswinds. DL1000 shifting (1st-2nd, 2nd-3rd) isn't smooth out of the box like the FJR, 1st FZ1, or DL650. I just got the 2mm rear-wheel spacer mod in the mail from Richland Rick, so hopefully we'll see an improvement there.

Haven't had any passengers yet on the DL1000, but the DL650 I had before wasn't bad 2-up. The FJR is definitely nicer for long rides, whether 1-up or 2-up. I haven't met a better long-mile bike on the slab yet, and am praying I don't regret giving this up, since I easily rack up 8-10K+ miles/yr on the slab in FL, just from commuting or weekend trips from Orlando to Tampa or Miami where you just want to make the miles to your destination, then enjoy the local riding.

I wanted a lighter bike like the DL1K because a lot of times I wanted to do errands, ride to downtown events with scarce parking, or short non-highway rides, and sometimes just didn't feel like it with the FJR's heft.

We'll see how it goes! I'm looking forward to the results of the 2mm rear-wheel spacer mod.
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