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Originally Posted by toro618 View Post
For those with a backyard lay out, do you ever trailer your bikes to other riding area?

I starting clearing out a section of my back yard about 6 months ago, and placing some logs and rocks around, and now find myself only riding at home. I know for sure I am able to log more trial riding hours having my own little section.
My backyard pics are a few pages back. One of the main reasons that I bought a trials bike was to take advantage of riding at home. I had grown tired of driving 2 - 5 hours each way to ride my dirt bike. I went to an event "just to check it out" and have been competing regularly since (into my 3rd year now). Most of my "non competition" riding is at home, but I do go to a couple of local(ish) spots from time to time so that I can ride with other riders.

Having riding at home has increased the amount of riding I do significantly. I used to ride my dirt bike less (some years MUCH less) than ten times per year and I ride almost weekly now.
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