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Originally Posted by Mtn Man View Post
Okay I have been fighting back pain consistently for a year or so now. I went the route of a bone cracker thinking they could help ... Nope, didn't work. Finally after doing a three day trip down Skyline Drive and the BRP I could hardly walk. Made myself an appointment to the orthopedic spine doctor and did test. Well, I have a stress fracture that when I bend over spreads to 10mm, according to X-rays.

Anyone experience this problem? Recovery time ? Is my dual sport riding coming to an end?

Thanks in advance for any input.

You are saying the L5 vertabra actually has a fracture that pulls apart as you bend??? And it spreads to 10mmm at that! If so,,, that's damned wierd.

In any event, I was in an accident way back 20 odd years ago. I crushed L2,3, fractured L4 and L6. They fused L2-3-4 and let L6 heal on it's own. After the fusion healed, I was fine. Excepting some lose of feeling/strength in my left leg and pain when I slept on my stomach, everything was fine. Matter of fact, after the fusion I ended up getting in the best shape of my life due to me getting into the exercise thing during rehab. So, they should be able to shoot some cement into that crack, shore it up and all should be fine.

Years later bad ju-ju came back for me due to spinal stenosis, pinched nerves at L1-2 {stubburn me lifting weights and running} and arthritis stemming from the trauma in the fusion area. I don't think you will be looking at that because the crack should heal without constant bone growth like you have with a fusion. Even if it did, I'm guessing you are older than 22-23yrs old and by the time that vertabra started closing in, you would have many other things getting your attention. You might get arthritis a bit sooner there???

Best thing,,,,, get that thing fixed and talk to the experts. But nope,,,, I don't think your dual sporting is over. Just my non-expert opinion though. Good luck.
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