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This followed me home last week

Replacing the GTR, that will not be forgotten, but it wasn't for the sort of riding I'm keen on now.

So the net no of bikes in the shed remains the same for the time being.

Why an S10? The price was right and they are a great bike as attested to by many, and I enjoy riding them. I had toyed with getting a GS when I got the GTR, but once again, they just don't do it for me for some reason. So why not an S10?

Been googling a bit and sorting out the farkling needs and wants and it'll end up like many, but I thought I'd post up the build here on ADV anyway. And I'd certanly like to specifically mention that Wasp's and jaumev's threads have been very helpful. Thanks guys. And as ever, there is also lots of good stuff here on ADV and also over on the Super Tenere forum.

First up was connecting up the battery tender, so off with the side cover/panel and hook up the tail for the Ctek and the first issue is identified!

Its almost impossible to get the screw on the +ve battery terminal to grab the nut because it won't stay put, gravity and all that.

A little bit of foam that I think originated a mouse pad or similar and good to go.

Also note that I have got a can of flat fix jammed nicely in where the tool kit is supposed to live.

Next was the supplied factory headlight protector after using some thinners to remove the 'Not For Highway Use ' logo. Fits well and looks the part.

So what to do with the tools?

There is some useful space under the seat, so some CO2 cartridges and tubeless repair plugs go there nicely.

Then raiding SWMBO's tupperware drawer located a tray that after a little trimming fits too. This is with the seat in the high position, and I modified the mount a bit so the low position isn't so simple now. Not sure about the colour, but it was cheap, and its hidden once the seat is on. Gotta set up the tool kit so that roadside maintenance can be done, and the stock kit isn't much good for much at all.

We get mail 3 times a week here, and today was one of those days

Hepco Becker bash plate, water pump and rear master cylinder guards, Altrider crash bars, uni joint guard and Rox Risers have arrived and await fitment.

Also to be fitted are the factory panniers that were included in the package, and to do in no particular order are:
Driving lights
GPS mount and wiring
Clutch switch bypass
ABS disable switch
Extra power outlets
tank bag
Ohlins shock
Sort the forks with linear rate springs and valving

My focus is on comfort/ergonomics and suspension, because that's what I like. There may be a pipe in the mix down the track too, time will tell!

shed time IS quality time
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