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If someone has a better place to put this, lemme know.

So my water pump started leaking out of the weep hole.
With all the research I could find, most people either had it fixed under warranty or chose not to do anything till it got worse.

I couldn't find any info on how to fix this so I decided to try myself.

I always start with a before photo for reference.

I started by taking off the hoses,

I then removed the 5 bolts. Keep in mind, the top bolt between the ABS lines is the bleeder.

Here is the cover removed.

I had to take out the top line to be able to manouvre the pump cover out of the way.

I don't have many special BMW tools... so I had to improvise using these plyers,

With very little force, the impeller was removed.

Now the hard part. I don't have a puller so I had to find a nut to thread on to the WP.
I didn't have any to fit but come to find out, the nuts holding on the bash plate will screw on perfectly.
Not sure of the size.

I didn't want the WP to come out too fast so I screwed in the one bolt half way to stop it.

I then used vice grips with a fan belt and a large hammer to yank the pump out.
I know it's ghetto but whatyagonndo?

There was bit of "goop" holding in my WP, YMMV.

My WP had a line of black rubber so a bit scotch pad removed the remnants.

New parts at 2 bux a pair.

(I bought 4)

Quite a bit of difference between the 2. Hard and stiff/soft and squishy

I also replaced the WP gasket as the original was squished and I didn't think the used one would hold very well.

I used a bit of gasket goop to seal the WP back into position and a little bit of oil on the new rubber seals.
One hard part was lining up the teeth when you go to insert the pump.
It took a few tries.

I put everything back together in reverse order and bled the system from directions I found here,

Thanks to Joel and a few others for making this easier.
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