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Originally Posted by Krasniewski View Post
Ok, took off and pulled apart the muffler again - the packing was 80% gone.

I took stainless steel scouring pads and stretched them out and wrapped the baffles as tight and as thick as I could. It didn't help much in terms of volume.

I ended up using nine pads - just a few less than I bought... so if anyone wants some, just let me know. I could not have fit any more pads into the muffler, it's packed REALLY tight... maybe that's bad- it should be loose?

Anyway - the fiberglass stuff doesn't work the way the factory and I did it - that much is clear. They seemed to have wrapped one long piece of wire spiraling around the packing - I did three or four separate pieces of wires. in one place in circumference. The only way I see fiberglass working is wrapping it in chickenwire, then safety-wiring around that to keep it tight.

EDIT: Put a pad down the middle and it helped somewhat. Another one would probably kill the noise more, but I'm not sure if I'm messing with the backpressure too much. I'm callin' it a win for the day.
Thank you for your detailed and brutally honest build thread! It came out nice!
How have the pads worked out in the muffler?
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