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Originally Posted by superkram View Post
To roll_it_on: What year was your son's DL1000?

I'm definitely interested in the Werks clutch basket. I thought all 2005+ Vees had the improved clutch basket. Mine definitely doesn't have good low-RPM manners, which surprised me because I'd heard from plenty of Vee owners how easy it was to slowly let the clutch out and let the bike "walk" itself in traffic. Even my DL650 and 1st gen FZ1 had no problem doing that (obviously, the big FJR did this easily too) and neither of them vibrated as much as the Vee does.

How much work is it to remove/install a new clutch basket? Is it recommended to use 20W50 with a Werks basket? Advice appreciated.
His is a 2006. In 2003 they did a minor upgrade to the basket and since that they all have the same upgraded part number but it does not fix the issues that create the vibration/chudder. All years have the chudder possibility as they get a few miles on them. Pretty bad design which is fixed with the upgrade. If I bough another Vstrom it is the first thing I would do with it as it makes using the low rpm very nice. As to the work it is not to bad if you are so inclined and have the tools. There are some good step by step write ups on the web with a search but here is one

I don't think the oil weight makes much differences just use what is recommended.
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