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Originally Posted by fellowsja View Post

So...When will the Cool, or whatever the device after the Air is called, actually be available?

The issue I have is the inability to draw a line in the sand, stop taking orders, and move on.

Air production has been going on for ages. I know the best of intentions and all that...but the Air was sold as the first, essential building block of something bigger and better...WHEN is whatever the bigger/ better thing coming?
I know what you're talking about Fellowsja. It isn't so much failing to draw a line and end production of the Air, but more an issue of the time I have to build and ship. And of course, there are just as many people who become concerned that they will not get an Air before the Cool and Smooth production starts.

One thing I can offer is that even though the the Cool and Smooth are microprocessor-controlled and far more complex engineering wise, they are much less labor intensive to build than the Air. That will make it feasible to outsource a good portion of the assembly, which will speed things up considerably.


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