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Originally Posted by jon_l View Post
Well I bent back the OEM shifter. Surprisingly mild steel, bent with a few raps with a rubber mallet. I filed down those sharp shoulders that do such a nice job of scoring the side cover while it was off.

Decided to keep the stock shifter, since the alloy ones like the Driven seem like they could resist bending at the expense of possibly damaging the shaft. Also the stocker is so easy to bend, I bet it can be bent and straightened quite a few times before it fails.

I bought a cheap stainless steel spatula at the dollar store, so will try making one of cjbiker's case guards.

This was a good opportunity to get up close and personal with the seal guard (chain slider). Looks great, only minor grooving. This with a 12T front.
Woohoo! I have a mod named after me! Too bad it involves a dollar-store spatula

I haven't crash tested my guard yet, so no guarantees, but it has picked up some scratches from the lever flexing inward while shifting.

The stock lever is extremely malleable, which I see as a good thing. I bought a bent lever cheap from another inmate here to keep as a spare. I could hardly believe how easy it was to bend back into shape. At least that should protect the shift shaft and the internals in case of a crash.
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