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Originally Posted by northsouth15 View Post
has anyone tried an RM80 rear fender?

I've seen people try OEM DRZ400 fenders and other full size bike parts. But the DR200se is almost a 3/4 size frame...those full-size fenders just look a little ridiculous because they stick out so far

so I was thinking....get a fender off a smaller bike like the RM80

maybe that will look more proportional?

I'd like to get something I can 'swap in' when I do track days for supermoto/mx...I don't need the turn signals or tail light, and all of that looks like it would break anyways in a crash
I reckon an RM80 mudguard probably won't be a bad fit at all. I've bodged a set of RM80 side panels on to my DR125 and they look about right.

I can't post any photos though of either of my DR's as I can't do them as attachments and I don't have a hosting account anywhere yet.

I reckon a mid 90's RM80 Big wheel set of forks will go straight on from my working out - not sure whether the DR wheel would work with it though but if it's all doable then it should give 2 or 3 more inches of travel.
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