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Originally Posted by scottmac View Post
Sounds similar to the FMF power programmer issue I was having a
while back...
Thanks, but no programmer. The power train is completely stock, other than gearing and tires.

Originally Posted by skierd View Post
My guess is you got some anti seize or dielectric grease on the electrode of the spark plug. Once it burned off, it stopped causing an issue. Ran in to similar situations occasionally on my cars back when I still cared enough about 4 wheeled vehicles to wrench on them myself.
Hmm. Guess it's possible, but I didn't apply the grease to the plug but the cap/coil after the plug was installed. I do think I may have put too much in there, and without knowing a whole lot about how electrons travel from the coil through the clip/grease into the electrode at high rpms, I could have caused this with my ham fisted grease application. Maybe.

Originally Posted by theMISSIONARY View Post
Vacuum hose have any kinks?
Gonna look into that later tonight, feel like I'm living in Phoenix Ph'g Arizona today...still 102F here

Thanks all!
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