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About half my matches yesterday did not have any artillery. I tried using completely non-traditional behaviors (center pushes, field irregularities, ...) to engage reds. Some were successful; others failed hard. WR was pretty bad on account of some silly yolo behavior.

One of the most successful maneuvers was on Highway.

Spawned in the northeast in a Matilda BP. XVM showed that the other team held an advantage with skilled heavies, but our team had the better mediums/lights. I expected all the heavies to drive into the refinery, as usual.

I drove straight to D4, fought my way to F2, then proceeded to cap. As the cap timer started, our team had just lost the fight for the refinery, with 0/5 red heavies destroyed. I congratulated them on successfully capturing the refinery, finished capping their base, and went on with the evening.


Oh yeah, Getsome only did one battle yesterday. About 140 defense points while waiting for my heavies to return and kill the tier 9 invader wannabes. Efficiency for yesterday was 15,735 (yes, 5 digits).
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