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Mtn Man, I had 3 vertebrae broken in my thoracic area. Mine were compression fractures and somewhat stable. I had a Neurosurgeon go in to my back with some wicked big needles (he showed me what they looked like at his office after the surgery). He injected some kind of epoxy into the bones and partially re-inflated the vertebrae. I was totally pain free for about three months after the surgery. The pain returned but not as bad as before. He tells me that frequently the bones above and below get compression fractures after this type of surgery. He told me to put up with the pain until I can't stand it any more and then come back and we will do more surgery. Great.

I am now three years out and the pain is pretty bad at times but doesn't seem to be getting any worse now over time. I can stand it most of the time so I am still waiting to return to him. I really, really don't want someone messing with my back, too many possibilities for unpleasant things to go wrong. I think I may know too much for my own good as I am a retired R.N. who worked trauma for years.

I wish you luck with your back. Not too many good options out there once your back is screwed up. Sorry. PT is one of the good options for screwed up backs. Works more often than many people know.

I still ride by the way. Just not as far or as often as I used to.

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