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Originally Posted by kyns View Post
He's allways been like that, fading by mid race.
I wouldn't quite say fading, but in his wins he does open up a good lead early, then manage it from there.

When guys like VR and CC can keep it close, those two know how to race, not just ride fast. I don't see Dani in that same light. Jorge can, but it's learned, not instinctual, if you can get what I mean. Marc can scrap pretty good too, but that's where the mayhem comes in.

His 'youthful exuberance' (fancy words for young and stoopit with a boner) can cause a real shake up. You can, with out hardly effort, see Marc bowling 99 and 26 into the kitty litter. Imagine the points shift if CC won with 46 on his tail in that race...
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