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Originally Posted by Boughan View Post
So, my Hellcat crew is about to hit 100% So what would the collective suggest in terms of perks (first one)?

Thank you for all the help!

Just to give you yet ANOTHER answer :)

Camo is great for any TD and should be a priority sooner or later. I prefer to make sure 2 or 3 crew have camo and position specific skills for the others. Eventually you can get them all to have some camo.

Commander: Recon/camo
Gunner: Camo/Snapshot
Driver: Clutch breaking/smooth ride (just for the fast TD's; thanks 8.6)/camo
Radio: Situational awareness/Camo
Loader: Camo

Pick 2 or three that you want then camo for the rest. The next round you can switch, but the Commander should get retrained to 6th Sense.

Personally I would recommend clutch breaking (Hellcat could use a little help to turning IMHO), and either of the 2 sight distance skills with the rest going camo.
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