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OK, my turn. Been watching this thread for a long time and I thought I would have copied and pasted this part.

Installed CNNA and got lifetime update all on MAC hard drive. Only a short call to tech support to get over a software glitch with Map Installer. Many hours later - success. Yay.

Problem now is I installed Southwest 24k from DVD onto the MAC and could not for the life of me get it installed on the SD card. Called tech guy and followed the steps to highlight the area and got it going but many hours later after looking like it would all work it didn't. Gave me an error message about the Montana unit not being turned on or plugged in. It is plugged in and showing the GARMIN screen with the USB icon.

What did I miss on this install? Almost there and ready to cut the cord on the 478 and mount this GPS up for good.
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