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Originally Posted by bigboyxl View Post
Ok so here I am at Nordkapp paying the admission fee and saying thanks to the guy at the cash desk, turning the key, ignition on, starting the bike and hearing only annoying clicks (similar to ones when you have a flat battery).
Smiling when doing few kicks with kick starter and telling the guy at the cash desk that it's the northernmost point of Europe where I could breakdown
So here is the thing: all fuses are ok; battery was changed before the trip; used couple of times heated grips and charged a bit an ipad mini just when it happened; both plus and minus connectors doesn't seem loose (been there - done that)...
I'm in the middle of the trip, next is Russia and then Finland...
Any ideas, gurus?;)
What is the battery voltage while the engine is running?

My voltage regulator died recently, but would charge the battery normally for 15 or 20 minutes before giving up the ghost. It would not fail strait away though. After riding a bit voltage would start dropping. Over about 10 minute time it would go from 13.5 to 12.5. Then it might jump back to 13.5 and start dropping again. Lowest I saw was about 12volts.

Also, just because the battery is new, doesn't mean it couldn't have failed.
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