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Routing in BaseCamp v4.2.x

Several folks have asked about routing in BaseCamp. Well, it's not your old MapSource any more. BaseCamp offers many iterations of the single MapSource routing algorithm. In fact the new BaseCamp is using the same routing algorithm as the current GPS units are using.

It is important that you understand BaseCamps Routing Activity profiles and how they effect Along-road routing calculations. Then there are the variabilities related to how you can modify the Activity.



Also, keep in mind that these "activities" are really PROFILES in BaseCamp. They record/store how BaseCamp is configured so switching between Activities can change the Map Product displayed in BaseCamp as well as any of the other settings.

I find that setting the Motorcycle Activity to the variables seen in the Mac-BC screenshot above gives me the same routing as I was use to with MapSource and my older GPS units (example below).

If I want to use smaller (type 3) roads I created a custom Activity based upon Motorcycling:

Here is a complex (multipoint) route I created using the above "Moto-Backroads" settings. It has nine points (including the Start/End). I created it using my Custom Profile in BaseCamp and then made a duplicate of it and changed the duplicate to Direct Routing. Now I transferred both to the Montana. I transfer Direct routes to the Montana if I think I might need to edit them on the unit - otherwise I just send the Along-road route.

Here are the screen shots of the two routes:


Here is the Direct Route:

Here is the Direct Route calculated using my custom routing profile on the Montana which I have configured to be the same as my custom profile in BaseCamp:

Hope this helps a bit.
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