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Originally Posted by Cat0020 View Post
Religion is belief in someone else's experience; believing someone else's BS as truth.
No. That's reasoning and applied logic. Some people are dishonest or are arguing stridently and loudly from assertion alone.

Others know the subject, and can give rational reasons for their position. It is up to an intelligent listener to weigh whether there is logic behind the assertion; or if the source of the quoted facts knows his material (maybe because he and his colleagues ENGINEERED the items in question?)

Originally Posted by Cat0020 View Post
Spirituality is having your own experience.
No. That's experience. It's valid but only partly. I can drive to the next state on tires with the cord showing. Doesn't mean it's safe or that anyone, anywhere, will make those miles with the belts exposed.

It only means I could do it, that time. To get a true picture, more facts are needed, including accident analyses; statistics on tire failures, tests on why tires lose traction in rain.

Originally Posted by Cat0020 View Post
Do you have any of your own experience that you can claim as FACT?
Yep. I can claim I've read the comments of motorcycle writers and reviewers who interviewed motorcycle engineers and tire engineers.

I can use my knowledge of the dynamics of tire deflection to understand why a car tire would not be suitable under motorcycle-turning conditions.

All those come together in agreement. And then there's a loud poster on a BBS who INSISTS that until I DO it, I can't know what I'm talking about.
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