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Where is the evidence or reports of dangerous handling, the close calls, the wrecks because of the use of a car tire on the rear of a bike other than in the unsubstantiated opinions or imagination? (that's right....virtually ZIPPO)

To be fair, I have read of ONLY one incident where a complete noob to the practice had a problem when negotiating a speed bump. Poor riding skills and reckless attitude were what got him and was NOT the complete fault of the tire. It was a failure on his part to control his bike and not take into account the different parameters his bike was operating under. (and not much different at that!!!) Anybody can screw up if they try to do something without investing some time learning about it first and approaching it with respect and care. Almost universally, darksiders will tell you to investigate to inform yourself before putting a car tire on the rear of your bike. Or anything untried for that matter.

Where is the evidence of safe use? (All over the place!!) And that's a FACT!
There are collectively several millions of miles of safe use. Really, should we take the word of a few who have never tested their theories nor experienced the practice regardless of the alphabet soup they have behind their name?
Mere say so of a few is NOT good enough for me in spite of what they SAY they know.

A reasonable person would see that a preponderance of evidence trumps in credibility over what is essentially mere opinion.

I rest my casey... er case . (for now)
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