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I have all my gear from Rev'it at the moment and as someone commented above, it really looks nice but somehow always seems to fail somewhere.
Since I'm more of a road rider and daily commute to work with the bike I'm looking at Stadler gear (not adventure style ofcourse).
Otherwise I would also be looking at the walking billboard, I mean Klim

The leather outfit I have from Rev'it (higher end price point). I had to bring back the pants 2 times now for restitching. The vest 1 time. The tarmac gloves (highest price point) have been restitched 4 times and in the end they gave new because they completely came apart (how would they look like if I fell on them? Don't really thrust them). - 2 years old gear

The Rev'it textile is the navigator jacket and sand pants.
New membrane already for the navigator and the pants membrane is starting to leak now too (1 year and 2 months old).
Buttons on the navigator at the collar had to be replaced and already broke again. Zippers are failing and the velcro, what velcro?

For the rest I like the fit and to wear it. Also the pockets and ventilation is good. But the finish of the product is not that good. Too bad.
Even in their high price range I would not doubt for example the stitching.

Kinda sums up my experience with Rev'it :p
Seems nice for offroad use if you plan to wear a protection suit under it as the protection doesn't stay in place at all. Abrasion resistance also is kinda doubtful on road. And when you don't plan to wear it that long/often. But the price point is also not that high as brands like Klim or Rukka or Stadler
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