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Originally Posted by Grousedog View Post
Sorry about this pathetic post but it's been a long week trying to get the bike back home. It came in about a week ago but the dealer said the title or certificate of origin comes in the mail, not with the bike. I checked back every day and it was not in until today. I think they just wanted to keep it on the stand right as you walk in the door. Insurance companies suck, I know, I work for one. I tried to get my policy set up with my own company so that the premium could be taken out of my check in small amounts. So I went through the whole process and come to find out they wanted to charge me $1600.00 for the year. After I canceled this I called Floe and got it for $518.00 but then I had to run around and get the registration form stamped (driving and hour) and then off the registry of motor vehicles. After waiting 1 hour I got to the window and they only accept cash or check. I should have seen the very small print on the wall before I waited an hour so that's my fault but still aggravating to the max. I got to the dealer tonight and rode it home with my snowmobile helmet, gardening gloves and dressy leather coat.

It's been a long time since I've ridden on the street but I am no stranger to motorcycles. I'm 47 yrs old, 6'1", 215 and 33" inseam. (used to be 6'2" and 180) but apparently I'm getting old. I think I will look into the taller seat but it is not a must. I felt very comfortable on my short ride home. I also like the pegs back a little. If they were right under my knee it would be too small for me. All my worrying about the height were unfounded.

Take this noob report for what it is .......a guy who got back into street riding just because of this bike.

I share the same concerns...i.e., the size of the bike. I started on a '09 Suzuki TU250X just because I only like standards, and while it felt OK most of the time at 6'0" and 185 I looked liked a circus bear riding a trike in a circus. I have a 33" inseam, love the looks of this bike, just don't want to be oversized for it............
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