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I, like others, waited for the CB to become available. It is a beautiful bike with a great history. Just wasn't ready to part with the bucks for it. Now Yamaha has come out with this naked Street Triple attacker, that has pulled me away from the CB...

FZ-09 or MT-09 in Europe. 850cc triple, 115HP, 65 ft lbs of torque, upright seating with more leg room, and sells for $7990 USD. I've decided that if I'm going to ride a naked bike, may as well get one that really gets my attention.

Guess I'm not ready to go retro just yet. Yes, some of the parts of the FZ look hokey, like the fake air inlets, but overall, I like it. Still may add a CB, down the road, but the FZ will probably be mine sooner.
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