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Originally Posted by Twigas View Post
I tried the BaseCamp filter. By filtering out the viapoints on BC your route ends up changing and you get straight lines between a few viapoints. Try it. Take one of your dirt bike trails that has over 1,000 viapoints and put 29 as the max viapoints. It will recalculate it, but look at the map you end up with...totally different animal.

Most of the time when you convert a Track to a Route you will have to do some "fixing" of the Route. To understand why, select one of your Tracks and zoom in on it so that you can see where the track points are compared to the road. If one of the points left after the filter is not exactly on the mapped road, BaseCamp has to decide if it is "close enough" or if it was intended to be off-of-the-road. Sometimes it can look like a point is on the road but if there is an intersection and the point is just a bit closer to the wrong road, when routing happens the route can be shaped the wrong way. Also, keep in mind that your digital map data is used to determine the routing and if there is bad or no route data in the map you will not get the route you expected.

Since you are using GARMAP Topo, it has routable and non-routable roads. Most likely your track(s) are using both so BaseCamp is looking for a routable path to route you.
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