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Originally Posted by Jimmy the Heater View Post
Sorry I should have been more specific. I'm looking to buy an RV and have come across several that are from manufacturers that are no longer in business.

Is parts availability something that is even a consideration with a camper or trailer?

To give an analogy.....I would never buy a SAAB now, company is bankrupt, parts sources are questionable at best just a horrible situation all around for anyone owning one.

Is buying an RV from a defunct manufacturer like buying a SAAB? Or is it a non issue as long as the RV is in good condition?

Is that a little bit clearer?
I have no personal experience but it's my understanding that most RV's are based on a frame and drive train built by a major truck maker of some stripe, so those parts should not matter much.

It also seems to me that most of the RV's I've seen, the mechanical and electrical systems are not "unique" in the sense that there are special-made parts. Water pumps come from certain vendors, lights other, batteries, chargers, etc. and then assembled into the coach. Most of the customization is in the interior finishes, cabinets and furnishings.

One area I might worry about might be tanks - I dont' know much about potable, grey and black water tank customization - that might be a concern.

I would evaluate a purchase on two levels:

I have a friend who drives his RV two times a year, about 120 miles each way - takes to where it lives in summer and back to winter storage. His needs are not much - even if the drivetrain burns a quart every hundred, no biggie.

But if I needed to use it as a regular mover and long distance, I might accept a slighly less posh interior for a drivetrain in superior condition.
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