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Egg Drop

Mr. Egg has found his new home.

I didn't want to make Egg and Nutzy suffer through another day at the office, so we all got up extra early this morning to hit the road. The sky was just starting to get light as we wheeled out of the garage, so instead of heading inland, we rode out to the ocean to watch the sunrise. The camera in my phone sucks, so I didn't bother trying to take pictures.

The breeze off the water was so nice we decided to head up the coast instead of going to the drop site we had planned for, which turned out to be the right call. Beautiful weather, beautiful views, zero traffic. The roads aren't terribly exciting, but you can't have everything--where would you keep it?

On to the tag!

First, go here:

Then, get the tag shot:

See that fence off to the left in the tag photo? Here's another angle:

See Nutzy sitting there at the top of the fence post?

Mr. Egg has set up camp in the growth just behind that post:

Nutzy also found a new home today, but the battery on my phone ran out before all of the photos finished uploading, so it'll be a little while before I can get that post up.

Game on!

PS: For those that are curious about the state of the egg (several of you have asked), and the swag he is travelling with, we took a few pictures. It was interesting to see the changes over the last few years!
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