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Well, just got back from a 2500km (1500 mile) ride from Calgary out to my new home in Victoria, BC. Me and a couple of friends took the long way and spent a week riding beautiful twisties in perfect weather - got very lucky indeed. The first long (400km) day I had trouble wit he bike stuttering and hesitating in 5th and 6th gears at highway speed. If I was in 5th or 6th at steady speed, say 90-100km and slightly rolled on the throttle to pass someone the big would hesitate, decelerate for a second then pick up. It was kind of hard to ride and just annoying. When I got to my destination I decided to remove the O2 Optimizer I installed along with the Power Commander. After removing it (which only took about 5 minutes) I went out for a test ride and it was perfect again, so obviously some sort f problem there. I wondered about installing it in the first place because it is not shown on Dynojet's web site any more for the Multi, only the 848. I wondered why this was and intended to email them and ask but never got around to it. Anyway, it was easy to remove and ran exceptionally well with just the PCV for the rest of the trip. I put it through it's paces through some great roads (Duffy lake road from Cache Creek to Pemberton is phenomenal) and it never missed a beat, great riding and great fun.

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