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Originally Posted by HogWild View Post
Neil, I had an expert look at your x-ray. His special equipment brought a serious problem into view. That upper bone has a terrible disease forming just above the joint. You can see it in the shadows. It's pretty expensive to have that treated. Do you think you can be cured?

You guys have me in hysterics.

But to be completely serious, I knew still had this disease, so thanks for confirming it Hogwild. The Mrs. was very unimpressed, because she was sure the disease was gone for good after the shock of the original incident. She was even very supportive at a point but now it has all changed again, especially when she eventually recognized the signs in the image.

Charapa, if its only two days maybe I can still enter... This spectating things is way to frustrating. Last time I spectated the ASO official guys tried to tackle me off the bike as I rode up the start to park next to Coma on my 800GS. It helps when the local carreteras have no clue of difference between a 450RR and a BMW DS bike I just hope I can get fit enough for it and that they accept late entries... Honestly, I'll try but I'm not so sure.

I think the only solution is to start racing again, because when there is racing there are no symptoms whatsoever for some reason.
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