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sand 2 jacket

I've got about 4k miles now on my Sand 2 jacket. Silver.

The adjustability of this jacket is impressive. Once you take the liners out, you can still make it fit snug. There are slide adjusters that can be done on the fly with gloves on to cinch the arms and sides. The rain liner fits in the big back pocket, just in case. It breathes as good as anything short of mesh. The length is good enough to prevent plumbers crack and water from going down your sorts. The pockets expand nice and fold over with full Velcro so no contamination or lost change. Collar adjustment is a cool slider thing to increase ventilation or seal out the elements. I only wish there were two pockets on the inside of the rain liner. The shell has two. Wallet, phone. Haven't needed the thermal yet as the rain liner works great for wind chill to about 45. For where adventure riding locations where people are generally avoided, this is the Swiss army knife jacket.

Pants are on order....

I'm 6ft, 165lbs, normal build.

I got the gloves too. Great design, good venting, but less than perfect fit. Fingers are long, thumbs are sort, thumb/index web too short. I wear a med golf glove and need an xl.
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