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Originally Posted by Center-stand View Post

Rucksta, maybe something in this will answer your questions.


Not really - the article is light weight on the details of steeering but thanks for the read.
We already knew a bike could turn on one wheel from the video of the stunt rider.
The value I took from it was inventors have been engaged by how mono track and mono wheel vehicles turn or don't turn for quite some time.
Some, like their creations, and this thread keep going round in circles.

I'm not actually looking for an answer as I'm happy to accept my motorcycle turns if I do this thing or that thing or even some other thing.
If you could come up with yet another thing I would be happy to listen and try it even if the idea sounded somewhat implausable.
Push left to go left would have sounded implausable to many hearing it for the first time.

If I could ask the questions that challenged some of the devout, polarised views of the one true way to turn a motorcycle it would please me.
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