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Originally Posted by btao View Post
Hey Zillionaires!

I'm back and forth now on the Rev'it Defender and Sand 2 pants, and would love it if you could take a sec and run down the value vs. performance difference between these two products!

I have the Sand 2 jacket in a medium as I'm 5'10" 160lbs, and the jacket fits perfectly. I took competitors pants off the table since I'd really like them to zip together, and I love the Rev'it! stuff. The latest gen has the perfect slightly edgy style of many an Adventurer. Straight and narrow from the front, and slightly off their kilter from the side...

(my opinion on the collar topic is "you're doing it wrong." The Sand 2 has the cool sliding snap for the collar. Pin the inner flap open, and slide the snap to it's largest setting and it holds the top of the jacket/collar open so air goes down my back. Sweet.)

Back to the topic:

The Defender is 2X the price of the Sand 2, and while they both look good, have lots of features, is the bad-ass-ness of the Defender really worth it? I ride 3 seasons. I want something for everything, like the jacket. In my head, if the Defender had a GTX shell with all waterproof zippers and vents, then it would be worth the extra quid. The GTX over the Sand liner is really only going to be ahead on lengthy, hot, full rainy days, so isn't really a big whoop IMO.


Dear Bacon... I mean Btao,

It seems to me like you've already made your mind up? But if I can help finalize that decision, I would recommend the Sand 2 Pants over the Defender based on the info you provided.
The biggest advantage of the Defender GTX are the Gore-Tex layer, the lighter but durable materials and the Exkin Air thermal liner. Since the Gore-Tex feature is less important to you, I would say the biggest sacrifice is in the outer materials. The Defender is lightweight, but very durable. The Sand 2 is comparable, but does not use the same ripstop fabric that I think sets the Defender apart. The Exkin thermal liner is a nice upgrade over the thermal liner in the Sand 2, but the thermal liner is adequate in the Sand 2.

The other debatable feature is the armor. The Defender uses SaS-Tec and the Sand 2 uses Pro Life armor. Personally, I'm not a fan of SaS-Tec over some of the other molecular armor being produced now. The Pro Life armor is the same armor REV'IT! uses in all their race suits, and we've seen Randy & Alvaro test it plenty.

And if you needed one last reason? Style. The Sand 2 Jacket and pants were designed to be a set. The color, materials and pattern lines will match up much better than that of the Defender.

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