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Got mine home after a few hundred miles towing right at the limit (nearly 5k) and the next day I get a CEL for something to do with heating or sensing temp of the DEF. Seems to be running fine, but obviously needs to go in (still under warranty).

I've got the same size BFG ATs on it now as you, Geek. Looks like the dealer can reprogram for them to show proper speed, so I'll ask about that when it's in. Also, my local dealer is a Renntech dealer, so I'm really thinking about doing the ECU tune they have. Haven't found anyone who didn't like it, nor anyone reporting any problems with it (and some have a LOT of miles with it). 80 more HP and 100 more ft-lbs is gonna be pretty noticeable. Also removes the 82MPH speed limiter. You thought about doing that, Geek? Guessing it's not new to you, anyway.

Can't mountain bike in these parts. We've been having rain nearly every day, and often biblical amounts, for WEEKS now. I was at the beach for two of those (and did some fatbike riding in the sand for workouts), but this is getting really old. Everything is soup...*sigh*

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