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Heelo all,

I am looking to buy a 2005 640A. It looks in an honest state(i.e. has been looked after ok). I noticed it hasn't got the switch for the different fuel grades and has a centre stand but no side stand.
Q1. Did this year come with the switch for alternate quality fuels? It has a hole on the left hand side of instrument panel but no switch. If they did have one, is it an easy job to refit, presuming the wiring is there i see no problem why not but yet to find it.

Q2. Can you have both centre stand and side stand?

Q1. No switch, but a wire down near RHS side plate. It's a brown wire. Easy enough to wire a switch in.

Q2. Not using KTM OEM parts. SW-Motech make a side stand that works with the centre stand.

2005 KTM 640A
2008 Wee-Strom
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