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A lot of the OEM 883C parts sold quickly, but the original Sportster seat was worth almost nothin', and wasn't catching the interest of any buyers, regardless of price. So it dawned on me finally that I could take this seat of no interest and rip it up to make something smaller that would perhaps open up some fender space. Anyway, the idea at the cusp of this was that, the seat's of no value to me anyway, so if my upholstering skills turn out to be crap, I've learned an expensive lesson cheaply.
 photo AA35F71A-7094-4AF8-927F-07C2887F5257-5618-000006E1EE571EDC_zps5c2bc932.jpg
So I yanked out the staples holding down the fabric over the passenger portion… photo 6B5B63E2-9B95-4082-AEEB-DB2F6938A448-5618-000006E1F9921341_zps6545ecb2.jpg
 photo 4B78C6ED-C0C8-40A5-A9EF-484FAA468108-5618-000006E1FDED490B_zpsa3a7c78e.jpg
…and used the reciprocating saw to rip the plastic seat pan in half.
 photo 9BC62ED1-16DB-492C-B949-39A2BCCA4BAD-5618-000006E202ED5AEF_zps73bbea85.jpg
I hacked up the foam cushion with a utility blade and bent the original mounting bracket with a hammer.
 photo 35154B1D-DBE2-428D-ABD0-F8B19A1D5746-5618-000006E20A01B4CB_zps121e1f8d.jpg
 photo 41EC6A84-765C-46E0-9BE1-2111A5CCDEB6-5618-000006E20ED41787_zps2ac6192b.jpg
Thus far, I stopped after I folded the original fabric back and stapled it down. I am still hoping to re-upholster the whole thing and reincorporate the original "Sportster" stitching from the old seat…but it looks cool, and seems to be at a nice intermediary point for the time being.
 photo 6BC025D4-C3D5-4803-9282-ECF52D61CB7D-6207-00000774FE7F988D_zps44965d12.jpg
 photo F5B2E3C2-F231-463F-8FC6-0443E6F913AB-6207-00000774F9B5C7C9_zps4a1e3851.jpg

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