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Talking My new 2005 Ktm 640

Hey fellas,
I hope im doing this right, super noob here
Ive been lurking you guys since before I bought my bike about 4 months ago. Your guys' enthusiasm on the bike is mainly what helped me seal the deal on buying it. It's the first bike I've ever owned and I've fallen in love.
Sadly, about 30 minutes after this photo was taken I went around a corner to fast and slammed the bike into a small grass hill. After the crash I got back on her, started her up, and drove off, the bike felt a little weird but I thought maybe that was just adrenaline, nothing looked seriously damaged except for some scratches and a dangling turn signal. Then I began to notice that there was a small knock of my forks when I tapped the front brakes, and it slowly began to change the way the bike handled as well. I looked in my manual and it said to tighten the steering bearings, but when I jacked the bike up the play wasn't coming from the steering head but from where the inner and outer sheath of the suspension forks met, where the dust seals are located.
I bought the bike with 5000 miles on it, I've got about 9,500 now. Thanks to creeper I've performed 2 successful oil changes (after making a big oily mess the first time ). She's bone stock, but I have the aluminum cases (saddle cases) which I've already bought parts to change the latching system and paint them the same color as the bike, green and gold flakes and all. I've also had the chain, 2 sprockets and all the rear bearings changed out at the shop, which cost me $700. I really dislike taking my vehicles to a shop which is why I can take my truck completely apart if I want to. But when it comes to my bike I'm a babe in the woods, I want so much to learn!
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