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Well I got the seat cover back on tonite, first seat re-do for me. Hopefully my last, that seat cover re-install is a bitch. It was worth it though. I have now taken a full 2" out of the seat height for the little woman. Factory specs say it has a 34.8 seat height, I'm now measuring 32.7 on ours.

I checked on the exhaust's mentioned above and the only one that gave a price was Big Gun, was'nt too bad either at $474.00 for a full exhaust system. I would prefer an FMF Powerbomb system so we will probably wait around to see if they come up with one for the little 250.

After I got the seat re-installed, I decided to take it out to the track behind the house for a spin. We've got almost 200 miles on it now so I thought I would see what it was made of. Now I am 6'2" and weigh 220 lbs so I was'nt very convinced that this sucker would pull me around very well. It took me a lap and a half to get used to the non-exsistant bottom end, but after I started really pushing the rpm's, I could feel the front end starting to get a little light coming out of the corners! After 4-5 laps, I got more than a few wheelie's, Ya just have to abuse the hell out of the clutch and the rpm's. After that, I figured I'd better chill since we really bought this for her and I was being pretty hard on it, so I cruised back to the house with a smile on my face and had some new respect for the KLX Two-Five-Zero.

Catch ya later, Randy.
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