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Originally Posted by broken paddle View Post
Did you connect the wires at the switch? With solder?
Actually, the wires coming out of zumo's RAM mount are not connected directly to the ignition. They are connected between the ignition and the main fuse box, that being the easiest place to do it without removing too much of the fairing in the process.

I've cut the wires at that point, spliced them with insulated terminals (*) and made a separate fuse just for the zumo as mentioned previously. I could've soldered them, but then I'd run the risk of engine+ambient heat unsoldering them (it's a longshot I know, but I am playing it as safe as I can.)

Wish I could attach some photos of the install, but alas it didn't occur to me to take any since it was a fairly straightforward job.

(*) not sure if this is the correct name - I am neither English/American, nor am I a professional electrician :)

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