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Originally Posted by joefromsf View Post
Unknown to me, someone I don't know started a thread here with my "unlisted" crash video. Since it's effectively now public, I have changed it to "public" on youtube and started my own Face Plant thread where I will also post the "rest of the story".

Back story: My buddy Kawtipper and I were halfway thru a 32 day ride on the Western TAT, both riding well set up DR650's. On day 18 we were riding up out of Eagle Canyon in central Utah when I had a very scary crash. I had my GoPro running at the time.

Here's the video. The actual crash is around the 5:00 mark. If you can you need to have the audio turned on, but be aware, it's NSFW. You can also increase the quality to watch it in HD.

More later.

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Making it easier for folks to find my posts relating "the rest of the story".
Wow that was a good one! Glad you are okay! This scares the crap out of me, where I do my trail riding it looks a lot like this with the very rocky terrain and cliffs ...
That 650 is a huge bike so I know its not like you can just whip it and throw it around,I ride a very old very heavy bike these days and I dread the day this happens. Thank god you didn't do the old when in doubt floor it method! I see you are in the Bay area. You ever rode Pozo in San Luis Obispo County? Happy Trails!!
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