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I've gotten more than few requests for information so I'll update here..
(with software, I do hate using the word "new" since it's only relevant for a few hours, but in this case Google MAPS really is "new")

As of mid-July 2013
Android Google MAPS has been completely overhauled.

In terms of learning curve, it's almost like starting over again with a brand new app.
Spend an hour or so and it starts to make sense.
Some of it I like, some I don't.
"My Maps" and "Latitude" are gone along with a few other features I used often.

The good news is that Google MAPS is still 100% compatible with EMFB v5.23
So, if you never bothered to learn the old Google MAPS, you still don't have to learn the new one.
Just use EMFB to speak a destination and it will store and sort it and show you both a MAP and NAVIGATION route to it.
You can still use EMFB to speak a quick list of waypoints to create a custom route.
.. for EMFB, there is nothing new to learn or do with the new version of Google MAPS.
(The EMFB real time weather information is all my stuff so there have not been any changes there.)

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