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Originally Posted by Hipster View Post
I've done the 15 minute idle trick (didn't disconnect the battery) and it does work however, within a few weeks time it does relearn its bad habits....

You were right after all. After a while it does get back to its old habits.
What amazed me the most is the fact that after the 15 min trick, this on-off feeling/problem that these guys ( are trying to figure for such a long time and with such an enormous amount of collective time spent, was not there.

For a while the bike showed me that it is indeed capable of running smooth, unlike what the following very interesting post suggested a while ago:, however something happens with the adjusting process of the ECU after a while.
Same thing happens after a long road trip where you are running for more than an hour constantly with more than 4-5K rpm. If you take a break for a while, once you get back on the bike everything runs very smooth.

If on the other hand you are running within city limits the “self - correction” that the ECU does, sends the throttle response all over the place.
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