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LOVE this helmet! Even more after 30 minutes of mods

Don't miss that Hundred Bucks AT ALL. My wishes for improvement match the other's, namely less noise, better ventilation, and a darker retractable shield. I've made a couple of mods that probably made the first worst but really improved the second and third.

First, remove all the screws and add LocTite then reinstall. You'll know their tight and they won't fall out. Several reports in this thread of screws falling out/parts falling off.

Second, If you remove the peak, which I recommend anyway to put LocTite on the screws, you'll see a square hole in the outer shell. This is directly under the top vent slider and is right on top of your head. The shell is cut out but the inner foam is not.

View from above:

Well, I took the handle of a plastic spoon and worked two groves into the foam connected the hole in the shell to the front of the foam. This allows the air directed into the vents on top to flow into the helmet. The air unfortunately has to make a 180* turn to enter the helmet and then another to leave but this is as good as it's gonna get without compromising the safety of it. The total amount of foam removed is MINIMAL. Wouldn't fill a teaspoon by a long shot.

View from behind, after mod:

View close-up of foam, after mod:

Makes a significant difference in overall air volume flowing into the helmet. Took maybe 5 minutes. You can tell a difference just standing in front of a fan, much less in 60 mile an hour wind.

Third, the retractable shield is not as dark as I'd like and there are no available options from Cycle Gear at this time. I used the peel-off lens protector that comes on the helmet as a template to cut out some static-cling style vinyl window tint from Wal-Mart's automotive department. I'm sure this is available in varying degrees of tint (rated in the % of light that passes through, so lower=darker) but I've had this roll a long time and used on everything from radio screen in my truck to car windows for when my niece is in her car seat to the windows in my bedroom at home (night shift=sleep during the day). Probably costs $10 or so. Given my intended uses I probably bought the darkest stuff available but don't remember. THIS FILM USES NO GLUE so it leaves NO RESIDUE and can be removed and reapplied over and over if you like. Peel the lens protector, stick on the tint film, cut around it with common scissors, and apply both to your shield.

The reason you leave the factory film on top of the tint is so you can work out the bubbles without risking damage to your tint. The stuff is pretty tough but this is most likely the most pressure/stretching/etc it'll see. I used a plastic shopping card to work out the bubbles. Took 5 minutes or less. So people use soapy water but I don't. There is plenty of room for the shield to retract with the tint on the outside of the lens, even with the factory protector on, so if you decided you wanted it even darker multiple layers could be used. This mod not only darkens the shield for sunny days but also protects it from scratches.

The flash makes the tint look a funny shade and you can definitely see all the lint I hadn't rinsed off yet. I'm super happy with the tint mod. The irregularities along the bottom are way below line-of-sight, even when looking down but I'm sure a more patient person with steadier hands could achieve more perfect results.

Perform any and all mods at your own risk.

EDIT: looks like cycle gear does sell replacement OUTER shields in clear, light smoke, and dark smoke so you could pair a smoked shield with the retractable sun shield i guess and get a little more relief from the sun but I like the tint mod because it only affects the inner shield and clear vision is always just a flick of the wrist away.

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