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Originally Posted by JNRobert View Post
Had a new rear tire and the oil changed yesterday. Weirdly, the fluid in the rear brake was black (I had it flushed) but more bizarrely the pads were worn more than the front. Bear in mind the only time I use the rear is to keep the bike from rolling backwards at a stop.

No sign of binding or other reasons for the high wear rate. Very strange.
the dark brake fluid on the Ducati Mulitstrada 1200s is a very well known and written about topic (see Ducati.MS). if you look at your front brake fluid reservoir, it is most probably not dark in color. many (close to all?) believe that it is due to the rear brake fluid reservoir's location (adjacent to a heat source, the cat and motor), and related to the reason for the poorly functioning rear brake (i'm surprised yours keeps the bike from rolling backwards at a stop ). regardless, the only way to fight the fluid from becoming dark so quickly is to use a different type of brake oil (speak to your tech, peruse, etc.), because if not, the same will happen, and happen fast. as for your rear brake pads being worn more than the front (and without use), perhaps the obvious is happening in your case (maybe not binding but caliper/rotor related) but tough for me to say if so, maybe your tech? could help here as well. fwiw, i haven't heard of such happening before.

i hope you're enjoying your bike.
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