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Originally Posted by SOLO LOBO View Post
My older 276c was having issues picking up satelites with the stock antenna that is original to the GPS.

I picked up a Glisson external that, when it is working, picks up 12+ satelites where the stock antenna at best did 4-5

To get either to work, I have to repossion the antena (or cable), wait to see if any satelites are found and possibly move it again if none are found (which is normal and I have to try 4-5 positionings).

I'd have to conclude that something on the GPS side is the issue here.

Any words of wisdom about adressing this type of fault?

Sadly I had been planning on send in my 276c to Garmin for a refresh, and see I waited a bit too long... they don't reman these anymore
I experienced the same/similar thing. I had tried to mount the external antenna on my handlebars then on a bracket I made and found that it wouldn't lock on a signal. I found that if I removed the antenna from the bike it worked flawlessly. I now mount the antenna on the top of my front fender and it works great.

My theory is that the Glisson Antenna grounds out or something similar and stops it from locking on the signal.

I didn't know they won't refurb the 276 anymore. Majorly bummed about that one........
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