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Originally Posted by JNRobert View Post
Had a new rear tire and the oil changed yesterday. Weirdly, the fluid in the rear brake was black (I had it flushed) but more bizarrely the pads were worn more than the front. Bear in mind the only time I use the rear is to keep the bike from rolling backwards at a stop.

No sign of binding or other reasons for the high wear rate. Very strange.
I just got done flushing the rear brake on my 2010, at 5k miles (2nd season, bought new last fall), due to spongy brake feel and dark fluid. The bleeding is a bit of a pain since you have to remove the caliper and orientate it so that the bleeder is at the highest point. I ended up using the same DOT4 spec fluid as original. I expect that this will be a yearly routine on this bike, at lease it will as long as I keep the OEM pre-muffler/CAT.

Fantastic bike, wish I had more time for riding and better roads in my area.

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