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Originally Posted by syaufu View Post
Houston to London cost me about $1000 with all the fees etc..about the same on the return..Always nice to have your own bike
I agree, having my own bike would be great but, the horror stories about bikes being delayed for weeks and exorbitant customs fee's scare the hell out of me.

I'll do some more research on shipping even though this was something I was hoping to avoid, hence the question on my original post but, given the options of paying over $6000 for rental, shipping is starting to look way better.

Any recommendations on punctual shippers or, is there such a thing :)
My original question still stands about cheaper rental.

I did get a response from a BMW dealer in London who was willing to sell me a bike and buy it back when I was done, for a lot less than I paid, I'll admit but, the privilege of purchasing in the UK seems to be one that is only given to the Queens loyal loyal subjects, ie, you have to be a resident, or, at least seem like one.
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